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Table 2 Overview of patients who, according to our criteria, are considered to have OMD

From: Proposal for a definition of "Oligometastatic disease in pancreatic cancer"

#Study participationOverall survival [mo]Primary tumor: Max. diameter [cm]Primary tumor: LocationM: Liver countLiver max metastasis [cm]M: Liver locationM: Lung countM: Lung max. Diameter [cm]Chemo: First lineBilirubin level [mg/dL] BLLDH [U/L] BLCRP [mg/L] BLCA 19–9 [U/mL] BLCEA [μg/L] BL
1No16.14.1Tail44.1Right lobe Gemcitabine + nab-Paclitacxel0.320845.962.8
2ACCEPT16.05.0Tail36.3Both lobes Gemcitabine + Afatinib0.339363.12280.2
3No22.9n.a.Tail24.4Both lobes Gemcitabine + Erlotinib1.220964.9331.7
4No27.72.4Head41.1Both lobes Gemcitabine + nab-Paclitacxel1.724632.58857.7
5RESOLVE (PCYC-1137-CA)14.02.9Tail41.4Right lobe Ibrutinib/Placebo + nab-Paclitacxel + Gemcitabine0.71806.02291.6
6No19.44.6Body20.9Left lobe Gemcitabine + Erlotinib0.21984.31543.8
7No4.83.6Head30.9Both lobes Gemcitabine0.317923.123.2
8No27.24.2Body41.6Right lobe Gemcitabine0.32305.0367.6