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Table 3 DFS, OS of XELOX and S-1 in the PSM cohort

From: Efficacy of capecitabine and oxaliplatin versus S-1 as adjuvant chemotherapy in gastric cancer after D2 lymph node dissection according to lymph node ratio and N stage

 totalevent3 year5 yearHR(95% CI)ap value
Ovarall survival  3-year OS % (95% CI)5-year OS % (95% CI)  
TS-11103178 (70–86)72 (64–81)10.240
XELOX1102086 (80–93)77 (68–88)0.71 (0.40–1.26) 
Disease-free survival  3-year DFS % (95% CI)5-year DFS % (95% CI)  
TS-11103871 (63–80)66 (57–75)10.101
XELOX1102579 (72–88)74 (66–84)0.65 (0.39–1.09) 
  1. aHR of XELOX adjuvant chemotherapy for recurrence of gastric cancer compared with S-1 as the reference was calculated using Cox’s proportional hazards model
  2. Abbreviations: CI confidence interval, HR hazard ratio. Significant values are in boldface type