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Table 4 Clinical predictors of invasive component on MRI in patients with preoperative diagnosis of DCIS

From: Predictive factors for the presence of invasive components in patients diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ based on preoperative biopsy

VariablesRisk for invasive component
HR (95% CI)p
MRI tumor size (> 2 cm)1.31 (0.44–3.90)0.632
Nipple-areolar complex invasion (present)1.24 (0.15–10.31)0.842
Enlarged lymph node (present)1.68 (0.51–5.57)0.399
MRI NME (NME)0.26 (0.07–0.93)0.038
Enhancement peak (> 100%)0.62 (0.19–2.04)0.429
Initial enhancement pattern of dynamic curve (rapid)1.47 (0.45–4.87)0.526
Kinetic pattern (wash-out)2.35 (0.82–6.77)0.112
  1. Abbreviations DCIS Ductal carcinoma in situ, NME Non-mass enhancement