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Table 2 Disease comorbidities affecting more than 5% of the patients

From: Exploring the current status of neuroendocrine tumours: a population-based analysis of epidemiology, management and use of resources

Disease comorbidities% of patients
Unspecified essential hypertension41.62
Liver metastases29.42
Diabetes mellitus (type I or II)18.38
Unspecified hyperlipidaemia18.33
Lymph nodes metastases18.23
Respiratory failure and chronic airway obstruction10.90
Bone metastases10.69
Renal failure and chronic kidney disease9.85
Gastrointestinal secondary neoplasm8.97
Atrial fibrillation6.92
Pure hypercholesterolemia6.33
Diaphragmatic hernia6.30
Neoplasm related pain5.48