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Table 1 Percentage of patients diagnosed per specified tumour type

From: Exploring the current status of neuroendocrine tumours: a population-based analysis of epidemiology, management and use of resources

Tumour classification (ICD9-CM)% of patients
Malignant neuroendocrine tumours (Well- differentiated), (low grade NET) (carcinoid), (intermediate grade NET) (atypical carcinoid), (high grade NET) (atypical carcinoid).46.86
 209.0 Small intestine6.95
 209.1 Appendix, large intestine, and rectum5.05
 209.2 Other and unspecified sites34.86
  209.20 Unknown primary site2.46
  209.21 Bronchus and lung17.34
  209.22 Thymus0.14
  209.23 Stomach3.15
  209.24 Kidney0.27
  209.25 Foregut, not otherwise specified0.60
  209.26 Midgut, not otherwise specified2.15
  209.27 Hindgut, not otherwise specified0.29
  209.29 Other sites not elsewhere classified8.46
209.3 Malignant poorly differentiated neuroendocrine carcinomas (High grade NEC not otherwise specified), (small cell lung carcinoma), (small cell uterine carcinoma), (small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma), (large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma), (Merkel cell carcinoma).32.02
 209.30 Malignant poorly differentiated NEC, any site28.16
 209.31 Merkel carcinoma of the face1.03
 209.32 Merkel carcinoma of the scalp and neck0.31
 209.33 Merkel carcinoma of the upper limb0.56
 209.34 Merkel carcinoma of the lower limb0.68
 209.35 Merkel carcinoma of the trunk0.29
 209.36 Merkel carcinoma of the buttock, genitals and others not elsewhere classified1.00
Benign neuroendocrine tumours (Well- differentiated, (low grade NET) (carcinoid), (intermediate grade NET) (atypical carcinoid).18.59
 209.4 Small intestine1.23
 209.5 Appendix, large intestine, and rectum2.08
 209.6 Other and unspecified sites15.27
  209.60 Unknown primary site2.37
  209.61 Bronchus and lung6.25
  209.62 Thymus0.04
  209.63 Stomach1.74
  209.64 Kidney0.07
  209.65 Foregut, not otherwise specified0.33
  209.66 Midgut, not otherwise specified1.07
  209.67 Hindgut, not otherwise specified0.60
  209.69 Other sites not elsewhere classified2.80
209.7 Secondary or metastatic neuroendocrine tumours42.93
 209.70 Unspecified site0.32
 209.71 Distant lymph nodes10.32
 209.72 Liver14.69
 209.73 Bone4.40
 209.74 Perineum3.10
 209.75 Secondary Merkel cell carcinoma0.93
 209.79 Other sites not elsewhere classified9.17