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Table 1 Schedule of Assessments

From: SPAR – a randomised, placebo-controlled phase II trial of simvastatin in addition to standard chemotherapy and radiation in preoperative treatment for rectal cancer: an AGITG clinical trial

Treatment Period – Trial Week
 Baseline / screening1234567134–6 weeks post-opFollow up
Informed consentX          
HistoryX        X 
Physical exam bX  X X X X 
Trial medication start X         
Preoperative CRT  XXXXXX   
Concomitant medsX  X X XX X
Trial med compliance   X X XX  
Adverse events   X X XX X
HaematologyX XXXXXXX  
Chemistry incl. CRPX XXXXXXX  
CEAX         X
Serum pregnancy testX          
Resected rectal tissue         X 
CT scanX         X
Pelvic MRIX       X o  
Lower GI endoscopyX         X