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Table 1 BE GONE eligibility criteria

From: The BE GONE trial study protocol: a randomized crossover dietary intervention of dry beans targeting the gut microbiome of overweight and obese patients with a history of colorectal polyps or cancer

Inclusion Criteria Exclusion Criteria
• Adult men and women at least 30 years of age
• Meet criteria for overweight or obesity via body mass index (BMI) or waist size
• Underwent colonoscopy screening within the past 10 years
• History of pathology-confirmed precancerous polyp of the colon or rectum; OR colorectal cancer survivor who has completed treatment with adequate maintenance of bowel length (hemicolectomy or low anterior resection) and normalized bowel habits
• English-speaking and reside in the greater Houston/outlying areas and/or willing to travel for study-related visits at MD Anderson
• Ability to complete web-based dietary assessments twice per week
• Willingness to provide stool samples and undergo venipuncture
• Willingness to consume/avoid beans as instructed during the 16 weeks from randomization
• Antibiotic use in the past month and unable/unwilling to be deferred to a later recruitment date
• Current smoker
• Heavy drinker (defined as more than 14 drinks per week)
• Currently taking exclusionary prescription medications (including cytokines, immunosuppressive agents, chemopreventive drugs, bile acid sequestrants/selective cholesterol absorption inhibitors)
• Regularly taking anti-flatulence medications, probiotics and/or fiber supplements and unable/unwilling to discontinue for the purpose of the study
• Major dietary restrictions relevant to the intervention
• Total or near total colectomy, greater than 10 cm of small bowel resection
• Hereditary colorectal cancer syndromes
• Pregnant or lactating or planning to become pregnant