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Table 2 Univariate analyses of survival

From: Prognostic factors and a new scoring system for survival of patients irradiated for bone metastases

 Survival rate at 6 months (%)Survival rate at 12 months (%)p-value
  ≤ 60 years6148 
 61–70 years6044 
  > 70 years60380.052
 Male5635< 0.001
Karnofsky performance score
  ≤ 704223 
 80–1007055< 0.001
Type of primary tumor
 Breast cancer7864 
 Prostate cancer7852 
 Lung cancer4630 
 Renal cell carcinoma7963 
 Colorectal cancer4525< 0.001
 Other tumors4222 
Interval between cancer diagnosis and RT of bone metastases
  ≤ 8 months5440 
  ≥ 9 months66450.044
Visceral metastases at the time of RT
Other (non-irradiated) bone metastases at the time of RT
Location of irradiated bone metastases
 Spinal site(s) only5940 
 Extraspinal site(s) with or without spinal site(s)61440.95
Number of irradiated sites
Pathological fracture
Pre-RT surgery (no vs. yes)
Pre-RT administration of bisphosphonates/denosumab
Pre-RT systemic anticancer treatment
Fractionation of RT
 Short-course RT4026 
 Longer-course RT62450.022
  1. Bold values = significant p-values