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Table 1 Fraction study inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Low lean mass and chemotherapy toxicity risk in the elderly: the Fraction study protocol

Inclusion criteria:
 1. Age ≥ 70 years old
 2. Cancer types: Breast, prostate, bladder, colo-rectal, ovarian cancers, and lymphoma - Metastatic or locally advanced neoplasm
 3. First-line chemotherapy
 4. Performance status World Health Organization (WHO) score 0 to 3
 5. Capacity to give a written informed consent
 6. Life expectancy > 3 months
Exclusion criteria:
 1. Targeted therapies in combination with chemotherapy
 2. Radiotherapy in combination with chemotherapy
 3. Height > 196 cm and weight > 136 kg (DXA not feasible)
 4. Hemopathy excluding lymphoma
 5. Cognitive impairment (MMSE < 20/30) due to difficulty of follow-up and providing informed consent