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Table 1 Studies of PSP with metastasis or recurrence

From: First report of pulmonary sclerosing pneomucytoma with malignant transformation in both cuboidal surface cells and stromal round cells: a case report

Author (Year)AgeGenderPrimary locationTumor size (mm)Recurrence/ Metastatic site
Tanaka l (1986) [8]22MaleRight lower lobe50Hilar lymph node
Chan AC (2000) [9]48MaleRight lower lobe80Hilar lymph node
Devouassoux-Shisheboran M (2000) [2]18FemaleLeft lower lobe35Hilar lymph node
Yano M (2002) [10]67FemaleRight lower lobe90Hilar lymph node
Kim KH (2003) [11]19FemaleLeft lower lobe100Hilum and intralobular lymph node
Kim GY (2003) [12]37FemaleLeft lower lobe20Supraclavicular lymph node
Miyagawa-Hayashino A (2003) [13]10FemaleRight middle lobe47Regional lymph node
 45FemaleRight upper lobe25Hilar lymph node
 45MaleLeft lower lobe37Mediastinal lymph node
 50FemaleLeft lower lobe15Intralobular lymph node
Chan NG (2003) [14]19MaleLeft upper lobe30Intralobular lymph node
Katakura H (2005) [15]35MaleLeft lower lobeMediastinal lymph node
Jiang ZN (2007) [16]59FemaleRight lower lobe65Hilar lymph node
Wei S (2008) [9]57FemaleLeft lower lobe25Recurrence
Vaideeswar P (2009) [17]23MaleRight upper lobe90Hilar lymph node
Suzuki H (2011) [18]57FemaleRight lower lobe25Pleural dissemination
Bae YS (2012) [19]72FemaleLeft lobe32Stomach
Kita H (2013) [20]38FemaleLeft lower lobe39Interlober lymph node
Adachi Y (2014) [6]40FemaleLeft lower lobe10Mediastinal lymph node
Xu HM (2015) [21]26FemaleRight upper lobe97Hilar lymph node
Kim MK (2015) [22]73FemaleRight lower lobe35Bone
Pokharel S (2016) [7]33FemaleLeft lower lobe18Mediastinal lymph node
Soo IX (2017) [23]40FemaleRight lower lobe25Mediastinal lymph node
Wang X (2018) [24]26FemaleLeft lower lobe40Mediastinal and regional lymph nodes