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Table 1 Patient and Tumor characteristics

From: Whole lesion histogram analysis of apparent diffusion coefficients on MRI predicts disease-free survival in locally advanced squamous cell cervical cancer after radical chemo-radiotherapy

Patient number103
Age (years)a51 (27–78)
HistologySquamous cell carcinoma
FIGO stage
 IB18 (17.5%)
 IIA/B16/48 (15.5%/46.6%)
 IIIA/B6/13 (5.9%/12.6%)
 IV2 (1.9%)
Grade of differentiation
 Well/moderate59 (57.3%)
 Poor44 (42.7%)
MDT (mm)45.1 (14.8–90.6)
SCC-Ag (ng/ml)4.0 (0.4–81.9)
Follow-up time (months)48.9 (2.0–94.6)
  1. Note: Data are number and data in parentheses are percentages; aData are median and data in parentheses are rang; FIGO International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, MDT Maximal diameter of the tumor, SCC-Ag Squamous cell carcinoma antigen