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Table 1 Schedule of assessments

From: Mapping of sentinel lymph node drainage using SPECT/CT to tailor elective nodal irradiation in head and neck cancer patients (SUSPECT-2): a single-center prospective trial

 BaselineDuring RTFollow-up
1st yeara2nd yeara3rd-5th yeara
12wa6 ma9 ma12 maevery 4 mevery 6 m
Standard of care:
 Physical examinationxxxxxxxx
 Flexible endoscopyx xxxxxx
 QoL-questionnairex xxxxuntil 18th montha
 US-FNACx xxxxwhen indicated
 CT or MRIbx xwhen indicated
 FDG-PETx when indicated
 Investigation under anesthesiax when indicated
 RT planning CTx       
Extra in SUSPECT-2:
 Signed informed consentx       
 Tracer injection and SPECT/CTx       
 Contralateral SNPonly when contralateral drainage is visualized on SPECT/CT
  1. aAfter end of radiotherapy
  2. bAccording to our institutional guidelines, patients with oral cavity or oropharyngeal tumor are staged by MRI, while laryngeal and hypopharyngeal tumors are staged by CT
  3. Abbreviations: w weeks, m months, RT radiotherapy, US-FNAC ultrasound-fine needle aspiration cytology, SNP sentinel node procedure