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Table 2 Hazard ratiosa for lung cancer mortality according to smoking status and continuous measures of exposure

From: Smoking related lung cancer mortality by education and sex in Norway

Smoking statusCasesMen
HR 95%CI
HR 95%CI
Heterogeneity test for men versus women
Never911.00 (ref)1881.00 (ref) 
Former4594.08 (3.25–5.11)2082.71 (2.22–3.30)0.01
Current277320.05 (16.25–24.74)198313.97 (11.98–16.29)0.01
Duration of smoking, 10-years
b27611.36 (1.28–1.44)19691.65 (1.54–1.78)< 0.01
Cigarettes smoked per day, 10 per day
b26761.48 (1.42–1.54)19741.76 (1.66–1.86)< 0.01
Pack-years (10 years)
b22691.39 (1.35–1.44)19651.61 (1.54–1.69)< 0.01
  1. a Multivariable Hazard ratios (95% CI) adjusted for body mass index, physical activity level, all at enrollment, and level of education
  2. bPer 10-year increase in smoking duration, per 10-cigarettes increase number of cigarettes smoked per day, per 10 increase
  3. in pack-years, for current smokers