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Table 2 ELABELA levels according to demographic findings in patients with CLL

From: Can ELABELA be a novel target in the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia?

GroupVariablesELABELA (ng/ml)p
 Female8.6 (0.6–19.7)0.062
 Male6.3 (0.6–11)
Ager = 0.0560.728
 Female3.5 (0.2–8.6)0.234
 Male1.3 (0.1–7.0)
Ager = −0.0030.985
  1. ELABELA levels is presented as median (min-max)
  2. r = Spearman’s correlation coefficient
  3. Abbreviations: CLL Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia