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Fig. 1

From: Giant cell tumor of tendon sheath in the wrist that damaged the extensor indicis proprius tendon: a case report and literature review

Fig. 1

MRI (a,b,c) reveals a 18 × 6× 5 mm spindle-like mass,encircles the extensor indicis proprius tendon in her left dorsal wrist.The lesion shows iso-indensity on T1 image (1a),while it shows hyperintense signal on T1WI with fat suppression(b: axial plane; c: sagittal plane) and T2WI with fat suppression (d).On T2WI with fat suppression (d), we can see the mass (shows hyperintense signal in the center and iso-indensity in the peripheral) attached to the EIP tendon(shows hypointense signal)

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