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Table 2 Comparison of baseline clinical characteristics between SOX2 low expression and high expression group in primary glioma

From: Glioma SOX2 expression decreased after adjuvant therapy

CharacteristicsSOX2 high expression(n = 21)SOX2 low expression(n = 3)p value
Age (year)
 Mean (range)45(22–60)49(43–53)0.373
WHO grade
IDH1 status
 Wild type193 
Resection type
 Total gross recection82 
 Subtotal recection1310.55
Adjuvant therapy after first surgery
 No adjuvant therapy710.266
Type of recurrence
 Local recurrence191 
 Distant recurrence210.343
Median PFS (month)
Median OS (month)33.618.3< 0.001