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Table 1 Study characteristics

From: Hypofractionated radiotherapy versus conventional radiotherapy in patients with intermediate- to high-risk localized prostate cancer: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

StudyYearCountrynTNM or risk groupRTDesignScheduleADTOutcomes
Aluwini et al2015–2016Netherlands410T1b-T4NX-0MX-0
intermediate- to high-risk
Most IMRTHypofractionated versus conventional64.6Gy (19 fractions within 6.5wks)YesOS, BF
acute and late adverse events
41078Gy (39 fractions within 8wks)
Arcangeli et al2010–2017Italy83≥T2c, Gleason ≥7
PSA ≥20ng/ml
3D-CRTHypofractionated versus conventional62Gy (20 fractions of 3.1Gy, 5wks)YesOS, BF, PCaSS
acute and late adverse events
8580Gy (40 fractions of 2Gy, 8wks)
Pollack et al2007–2013US154T1-T3, Gleason ≥5
intermediate- to high-risk
IMRTHypofractionated versus conventional70.2Gy (26 fractions of 2.7Gy)YesOS, BF
late adverse event
15376Gy (38 fractions of 2Gy)
Marzi et al2009Italy57≥T2c, Gleason7-10
3D-CRTHypofractionated versus conventional62Gy (20 fractions of 3.1Gy)Yeslate adverse event
5780Gy (40 fractions of 2Gy)
Strigary et al2009Italy80localized prostate cancer high-risk3D-CRTHypofractionated versus conventional62Gy (20 fractions of 3.1Gy)Yesacute adverse event
5256Gy (16 fractions of 3.5Gy)
80Gy (40 fractions of 2Gy, 8wks)
Catton et al2017Canada608intermediate-riskIMRTHypofractionated versus conventional60Gy (20 fractions of 3Gy)YesBF, PCaSS
acute and late adverse events
France59878Gy (39 fractions of 2Gy)
  1. OS Overall survival, BF Biochemical failure, ADT Androgen deprivation therapy, PCaSS Prostate cancer-specific survival, IMRT Intensity-modulated radiation therapy, 3D-CRT Three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy, PSA Prostate-specific antigen