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Table 2 miRNAs as prognostic factors and the associated targets and survival status in pancreatic cancer

From: MicroRNAs in Pancreatic Cancer: biomarkers, prognostic, and therapeutic modulators

miRNA Expression in Pancreatic Cancer compared to normal tissue Survival Status Targets Reference
-10b Upregulated Poor Survival TIP30 [94, 95]
−21 Upregulated Worse Survival PTEN, PDCD4, IL-6R,CDK6 [85,86,87]
-34a Upregulated Better Survival NOTCH, BCL2, CDK6 [96,97,98]
−155 Upregulated Poor Survival TP53INP [99, 100]
-let-7 Family Downregulated Poor Survival KRAS, HRAS, TRIM71 [101, 102]
−200 Family Downregulated Better Survival E-cadherin, ZEB [91, 96, 103]
−216 Downregulated Poor Survival ROCK1 [104, 105]