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Table 1 Baseline demographics

From: Breast cancer risk status influences uptake, retention and efficacy of a weight loss programme amongst breast cancer screening attendees: two randomised controlled feasibility trials

 Study-1 Women informed of their breast cancer risk prior to invite to the weight loss programmeStudy-2 Women informed of their breast cancer risk part way through the weight loss programme
Age (years)a59.0 (5.1)53.3 (4.3)
BMI (kg/m2)a31.4 (4.5)31.1 (4.8)
Townsend quintile (%):
 1 (least deprived)3246
 5 (most deprived)1.54
 Current smoker (%)76
Ethnicity (%):
 White British9798
Number of first degree relatives with breast cancer
  > or = 23.20.0
 Time since receiving risk feedback (months)b12.0 (21.6)N/A
  1. a mean (SD) b median (interquartile range) N/A not applicable as women received their risk feeback after being invited to Study 2