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Fig. 2

From: Cisplatin-resistant triple-negative breast cancer subtypes: multiple mechanisms of resistance

Fig. 2

Title: GW Gene Sets Related to Cisplatin. Legend: A screen capture showing gene sets that match the string ‘cisplatin’ using the ‘GeneSet Search’ tool in GW. The search returned 34 sets of which the three selected sets were chosen to create our set of conserved genes. Title: Homologous Genes From Human, Mouse and Rat Related to Cisplatin. Legend: Results of the ‘HighSim’ graph tool in GW showing the number of genes in each of the gene sets derived from CTD at the top of the figure and the number of genes in each of the set intersections going to the bottom of the screen (analysis date 9/2/19). GeneWeaver gene-set identifiers for each of the intersections sets are shown below the boxes. The 96 genes resulting from the intersection of all three sets and the additional six from the MESH analysis comprise our set of conserved cisplatin-responsive genes. Abbreviations: H.s. = Homo sapiens, M.m. =Mus musculus, R.n. =Rattus norvegicus.

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