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Table 3 Multivariable Cox regression of systemic recurrence-free survival and breast cancer-specific survival demonstrate that pre-operative DTC status is an independent prognostic factor for prediction of late recurrences (> 5 years) in operable breast cancer patients (n = 155). Median follow-up was 15.3 years

From: Detection of disseminated tumor cells in bone marrow predict late recurrences in operable breast cancer patients

 ParameterHazard ratio95% CIp-value
Systemic recurrence-free survivalPre-operative DTC status (pos. vs neg.)3.271.314–8.1490.011
MAI status (high vs low)0.220.051–0.9530.043
LN status (N1 and N2 vs N0)2.300.969–5.4430.059
Breast cancer–specific survivalPre-operative DTC status (pos. vs neg.)3.581.35–12.3700.044
LN status (N1 and N2 vs N0)3.190.973–10.4990.056
  1. Patients with early recurrence (< 5 years) were excluded from these analyses to verify the significance of DTC detection for prediction of late disease recurrences. Only results from backward stepwise selection of variables are presented.
  2. p-value ≤0.05 are in bold