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Table 3 SMAD4 mutation sites in PDAC

From: SMAD4 Y353C promotes the progression of PDAC

Exon Mutation type Nucleotide change Mutation results Probably damaging
1 Synonymous c.6C>T p.D2D=
1 Missense c.29C>T p.P10L 0.819
1 Missense c.34A>G p.S12G 0.748
1 Missense c.112A>G p.R38G 1
1 deletion c.153_delA Frameshift, stop at codon 57(TAA)
1 Synonymous c.201 T>C H67H=
2 deletion c.352_363delGCGTTTGACTTA A118_L121del, Frameshift
8 Missense c.1058A>G p. Y353C 1
8 Insertions c.1103_1104insG Frameshift and stop at codon 377(TGA)  
9 deletion C.1242-1245delAGAC L414_D415del, frameshift and stop at codon 434(TAA)