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Fig. 6

From: Migration of gastric cancer is suppressed by recombinant Newcastle disease virus (rL-RVG) via regulating α7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptors/ERK- EMT

Fig. 6

Effects of rL-RVG and corynoxeine pretreated SGC cells on α7-nAChR, ERK and epithelial/mesenchymal proteins and cell migration. a Western blot analysis of α7-nAChR, P-ERK/ERK and epithelial/mesenchymal markers. b Cell migration of SGC cells was detected by wound healing and transwell assay. c Immunofluorescence analysis of P-ERK in SGC cells. d Immunofluorescence analysis of EMT protein E-cadherin in infected SGC cells.*P < 0.5,**P < 0.01 (rL-RVG + corynoxeine vs rL-RVG, NDV + corynoxeine vs NDV, PBS + corynoxeine vs PBS,Bar = 25 μm)

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