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Table 3 Chi-square partitioning to test the association between SLC39A6 rs1050631 and SLC39A6 expression detected by immunohistochemistry

From: Involvement of SLC39A6 in gastric adenocarcinoma and correlation of the SLC39A6 polymorphism rs1050631 with clinical outcomes after resection

SNPGenotypeexpression of SLC39A6Case-totalaCase-caseb
Low(n)/ High(n)High expression rate (%)p < 0.00833p < 0.0125
Total(n = 198) 112/8643.4  
  1. aCase–total: p value for the comparison between the group with the indicated genotype and the total group of 198 samples;
  2. bCase–case: p value for the pairwise comparisons between groups with different genotypes