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Table 2 Associations between SLC39A6 rs1050631 genotypes and recurrence and survival

From: Involvement of SLC39A6 in gastric adenocarcinoma and correlation of the SLC39A6 polymorphism rs1050631 with clinical outcomes after resection

SNPGenotypeRecurrenceUnadjusted  Adjusteda  
Total (n = 512) 178/334      
 CT + TT39/1201.4401.15–1.800.0011.3871.108–1.7350.004
SNPGenotypeSurvivalUnadjusted  Adjusteda  
Total(n = 512) 182/330      
 CT + TT39/1201.4921.192–1.868< 0.0011.4291.141–1.7900.002
  1. The bold values indicate p value < 0.05
  2. Abbreviations: HR hazard ratio, CI Confidence Interval
  3. aData were calculated using multivariable Cox models that adjusted for gender, age and lymph node metastasis