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Table 1 Institutional analysis of cancer care regulations in Brazil based on the principles of Giddens’ structuration theory

From: Cancer care in Brazil: structure and geographical distribution

Structural property Aspect Regulation Type Identified characteristic
Rules Normative PNPCC Facilitative Establishes criteria for organizing the healthcare network
Ordinance no. 2947/2012 Facilitative Establishes criteria for the accreditation of hospitals for cancer surgeries
Ordinance no. 140/2014 Facilitative Establishes criteria for the accreditation of hospitals for high-complexity procedures in oncology
Semantic PNPCC Restrictive Establishes care of paediatric patients and patients with rare tumours in facilities qualified as CACON
Resources Allocative Ordinance no. 2947/2012 Facilitative Financial increase for hospitals of size A and B
Ordinance no. 931/2012 Facilitative Installation of radiotherapy machines
Ordinance no. 1357/2017 Restrictive Withdraws investments for the creation and maintenance of strategic public health surveillance services
Authoritative Ordinance no. 2947/2012 Restrictive Closing of hospitals of size C that do not increase the number of cancer surgeries
Ordinance no. 140/2014 Restrictive Differential planning and evaluation parameters for paediatric oncology and haematology-oncology services in the north, northeast, and centre-west regions of Brazil. Limits the number of accreditations for establishments with good infrastructure and that previously received financial and human resources.
  1. CACON: High-Complexity Oncology Centre; PNPCC: National Policy for Cancer Prevention and Control