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Table 1 Clinicopathological data of patients involved in the study

From: Genome-wide expression profiling in colorectal cancer focusing on lncRNAs in the adenoma-carcinoma transition

Case number #Age-rangeDiagnosisAdenoma grade /Astler-Coller modified Dukes stage
N124-76 yearshealthy colonic tissue 
N2healthy colonic tissue
N3healthy colonic tissue
N4healthy colonic tissue
N5healthy colonic tissue
N6healthy colonic tissue
N7healthy colonic tissue
N8healthy colonic tissue
N9healthy colonic tissue
N10healthy colonic tissue
N11healthy colonic tissue
N12healthy colonic tissue
N13healthy colonic tissue
N14healthy colonic tissue
N15healthy colonic tissue
N16healthy colonic tissue
N17healthy colonic tissue
N18healthy colonic tissue
N19healthy colonic tissue
N20healthy colonic tissue
Ad142-88 yearsTubular adenomalow-grade
Ad2Tubulovillous adenomahigh-grade
Ad3Tubulovillous adenomalow-grade
Ad4Tubulovillous adenomalow-grade
Ad5Tubulovillous adenomahigh-grade
Ad6Tubular adenomalow-grade
Ad7Tubulovillous adenomalow-grade
Ad8Villous / tubulovillous adenomalow-grade
Ad9Tubulovillous adenomalow-grade
Ad10Tubular adenomalow-grade
Ad11Tubular adenomalow-grade
Ad12Tubular adenomalow-grade
Ad13Tubular adenomalow-grade
Ad14Tubular adenomalow-grade
Ad15Tubular adenomalow-grade
Ad16Tubular adenomalow-grade
Ad17Tubular adenomalow-grade
Ad18Tubular adenomalow-grade
Ad19Tubulovillous adenomalow-grade
Ad20Tubulovillous adenomalow-grade
T146-87 yearsColorectal adenocarcinomaDukes C2
T2Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes B2
T3Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes C
T4Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes B2
T5Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes D
T6Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes C
T7Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes B2
T8Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes D
T9Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes D
T10Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes B2
T11Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes C
T12Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes B1
T13Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes D
T14Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes D
T15Colorectal adenocarcinomaunknown
T16Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes B2
T17Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes B2
T18Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes B1
T19Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes B1
T20Colorectal adenocarcinomaDukes C