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Fig. 3

From: Genome-wide expression profiling in colorectal cancer focusing on lncRNAs in the adenoma-carcinoma transition

Fig. 3

qRT-PCR and ISH analyses of selected lncRNAs. A) UCA1 and CCAT1 qRT-PCR absolute quantification on healthy normal (n = 20), adenoma (n = 20) and CRC (n = 20) biopsy samples *p < 0.05: UCA1: Ad vs. N, CCAT1: Ad vs. N, CRC vs. N; B) Representative UCA1 in situ hybridization results on normal (a-d), adenoma (e-h) and CRC (i-l) FFPE tissue samples. UCA1 expression is seen already in adenoma (full arrowhead) compared to monolayered normal adjacent (NAT) mucosa with no ISH signal (empty arrowhead) (m, n) and UCA1 is focally abundant in CRC (j). White signals represent autofluorescence in blood cells and vessels. Digital microscope slides were scanned with Pannoramic 250 Flash instrument (v1.11.25.0), and analyzed with a Pannoramic Viewer (v1.11.43.0) samples, scale bar: 100 μm (a-m) and 40 μm (n)

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