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Table 1 LncEPCAM/BC200 characteristics. Genomic information and RNAseq data. Fold Change (FC) is relative to nulliparous women. A FC < 1 represents a lncRNA downregulated in parous women (i.e. upregulated in nulliparous women), such as BC200

From: BC200 overexpression contributes to luminal and triple negative breast cancer pathogenesis

Chromosome 2.p21
Location chr2:47558199–47,571,656
Length (gene/transcript) 13,458 bp/200 bp
# of Exons 1
Strand +
Type intergenic
Transcriptional Direction Sense to EPCAM
Fold Change 0.48
Regulation Upregulated in Nulliparous
P-value 0.0041