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Fig. 4

From: Distinct molecular etiologies of male and female hepatocellular carcinoma

Fig. 4

Absolute effect sizes of sex-shared and sex-specific eQTLs in males, females, and the whole study sample. Due to the larger sample size, sex-shared low-effect eQTLs are only detected as significant in the combined analysis (a). Sex-shared large effect eQTLs are detected in the combined analysis as well as the sex-specific analyses (b). Sex-specific eQTLs exhibit a larger effect in one sex than the other, and the effect is diluted in the combined analysis (c, d). Sex-shared large effect eQTLs can be detected in sex-specific and combined analyses. Global p-values for ANOVA are shown for each eQTL type. Adjusted p-values based on Kruskal-Wallis tests are shown for each pairwise comparison

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