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Fig. 3

From: Distinct molecular etiologies of male and female hepatocellular carcinoma

Fig. 3

Sex-specific genetic effects on tumor gene expression in HCC. a QQ-plot of eQTL associations in the combined analysis of both sexes (grey), male-specific analysis (blue), and female-specific analysis (red). b Genomic annotations of eQTLs in the combined analysis of both sexes, male-specific analysis, and female-specific analysis. c Overlap of eGenes detected in combined and sex-specific analyses. d An example of a male-specific eQTL. POGLUT1 expression in tumors is modulated by a germline variant in cis in male HCC, but not in female HCC nor in the combined analysis of both sexes, indicating effect modification by sex. Numbers of individuals with each genotype, adjusted significance, and effect size (β) are given for each model

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