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Table 1 Characteristics of the recruited patients

From: Less micrometastatic risk related to circulating tumor cells after endoscopic breast cancer surgery compared to open surgery

CharacteristicEndoscopic group (n = 53)Open group (n = 57)P value
Menopausal status  0.391
Tumor size  0.100
Lymph node (pN)  0.108
Tumor stage  0.180
Histology type  0.194
 Invasive ductal49(92.45%)56(98.25%) 
Estrogen receptors status  0.473
Progesterone receptors status  0.776
HER-2 status  0.216
Surgery duration, min220(146–479)125 (66–384)<0.001
Bleeding volume, mL100(30–800)100(30–400)0.766
  1. Represented as “median (range)” or “frequency (percentage)”
  2. Comparison between the two surgery groups was analyzed by Mann-Whitney test for continuous variable and ordinal variables, by Chi-square test or Fisher exact test for binomial variables