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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of patients with NPC treated with or without Nimotuzumab

From: The long-term survival of patients with III-IVb stage nasopharyngeal carcinoma treated with IMRT with or without Nimotuzumab: a propensity score-matched analysis

CharacteristicNimotuzumab Arm
N = 184(%)
No Nimotuzumab Arm
N = 546(%)
P value
Gender  0.704
Age, Mean (SD)43.92 (10.53)44.1 2(10.62)0.822
  ≥ 4489(48.37)293(53.66) 
WHO pathology  0.436
T classification  0.966
N classification  0.972
Clinical stage  0.937
Chemotherapy  0.684
 Induction + concurrent123(66.85)356(65.20)