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Fig. 4

From: Repurposing mechanistic insight of PDE-5 inhibitor in cancer chemoprevention through mitochondrial-oxidative stress intervention and blockade of DuCLOX signalling

Fig. 4

H&E analysis and digital image analysis of mammary gland tissue. H&E staining of four individual groups [a-control (normal saline, 3 ml/kg, p.o.); b-toxic control (MNU 47 mg/kg, i.v.); c (MNU + Tadalafil; 47 mg/kg i.v. + 2 mg/kg p.o.) and d (MNU + Tadalafil; 47 mg/kg i.v. + 4 mg/kg p.o.)] revealed presence of adipocytes (4), duct (5) LCT (6), DCT (7), lymphocytes (8), CEC (9) and MEC (10) in control as well as Tadalafil treated groups (a, c and d). In the toxic control group (b), the cell morphology was distorted, and cell organelles were absent. 3D image reconstruction and software-based analysis dataset of constructs representing score was done by using Image J (NIH) software by thresh holding of stained zones of H&E images followed by pixel vs intensity determination by the 3D interactive surface plot and log-histogram analysis (e,f,g,h and i,j,k,l).

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