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Fig. 2

From: Repurposing mechanistic insight of PDE-5 inhibitor in cancer chemoprevention through mitochondrial-oxidative stress intervention and blockade of DuCLOX signalling

Fig. 2

Effects of Tadalafil treatment on HRV. Representative box-cum-whisker plots showing quantitative variations of relative signal integrals for HRV parameters relevant in the context of pathophysiology of mammary gland cancer. Groups were differentiated as: 1-Control (Normal saline, 3 ml/kg, p.o.), 2-Toxic control (MNU 47 mg/kg, i.v.), 3- MNU + Tadalafil (47 mg/kg i.v. + 2 mg/kg p.o.), 4- MNU + Tadalafil (47 mg/kg i.v. + 4 mg/kg p.o.). For presented heart rate variability, the VIP score > 1 and statistical significance is at the level of p ≤ 0.05. In the box plots, the boxes denote interquartile ranges, horizontal line inside the box denote the median, and bottom and top boundaries of boxes are 25thand 75th percentiles, respectively. Lower and upper whiskers are 5thand 95th percentiles, respectively

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