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Fig. 1

From: Consensus in determining the resectability of locally progressed pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma – results of the Conko-007 multicenter trial

Fig. 1

Treatment and Procedure of Evaluation of Pretherapeutic Radiographs. a Schematic view of the treatment algorithm of the Conko-007 trial. Patients will be restaged after induction chemotherapy and if no distant metastasis is present randomized to the two treatment arms. After 6 months of treatment, final evaluation is performed and surgical resection is attempted. Radiographs of the initial staging prior to neoadjuvant chemotherapy were analyzed (arrow with asterisk) b Flowchart for the evaluation of the pretherapeutic radiographs. After upload of the abdominal MRI or CT scans by the trial center, the evaluating surgeons were contacted by e-mail and requested to evaluate the radiographs within the next 3 workdays

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