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Fig. 1

From: Preoperative albumin-to-fibrinogen ratio predicts severe postoperative complications in elderly gastric cancer subjects after radical laparoscopic gastrectomy

Fig. 1

Predictive value of AFR for SPCs in GC patients by ROC curve analysis. The results indicated preoperative AFR as a potential predictive factor for SPCs in GC patients with an AUC of 0.841, 95%CI of 0.783–0.900, a cut-off value of 8.49, a sensitivity of 76.36% and a specificity of 80.77%, respectively (P < 0.001). AFR, albumin-to-fibrinogen ratio; SPCs, severe postoperative complications; GC, gastric cancer; ROC, receiver operating characteristic; AUC, the area under the curve; CI, confidence interval

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