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Table 2 Dose intensity and treatment compliance

From: Postoperative XELOX therapy for patients with curatively resected high-risk stage II and stage III rectal cancer without preoperative chemoradiation: a prospective, multicenter, open-label, single-arm phase II study

  n = 107
Total dose, median (range), mg/m2
 Capecitabine 180,000 (1008–292,174)
 Oxaliplatin 788.1 (26.6–1079.6)
Relative dose intensity, median (range), %
 Capecitabine 83.7 (3.5–130.4)
 Oxaliplatin 82.4 (3.8–198.8)
 Course of treatment, median (range) 8 (1–8)