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Fig. 1

From: Immunohistochemical validation of COL3A1, GPR158 and PITHD1 as prognostic biomarkers in early-stage ovarian carcinomas

Fig. 1

COL3A1, GPR158, PITHD1 protein expression in ovarian tumor cells and comparison between RNA and protein expression. a) shows representative IHC staining intensities (negative-strong) in hot spots for COL3A1, GPR158 and PITHD1 (200 x magnification). COL3A1 was shown to be negative, weak and strong in the CCC, EC and HGSC histotypes. Box plots illustrating the comparison between the distributions of log2 values of raw RNA-seq read counts and H-score for COL3A1, GPR158 and PITHD1, with b) all H-score values are taken into account. Similar RNA and protein expression is shown for GPR158 and PITHD1 (GPR158 P value = 0.54, PITHD1 P value = 0.11). For COL3A1, higher RNA expression in comparison with protein expression was revealed. This was also seen in c) when stratified by histotype

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