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Table 1 Collected data throughout the MYRACLE cohort study

From: The MYRACLE protocol study: a multicentric observational prospective cohort study of patients with multiple myeloma

Collected data Baseline Follow up Disease progression
Sociodemographic Age x   
Sex x   
Profession x   
Place of residence x   
Smoking and alcohol habits x   
Hematological Family history x   
Clinical data Medical family history x x x
Date of diagnosis x x x
Anemia x x x
Renal failure x x x
Hypercalcemia x x x
Bone lesion x x x
Extramedullary disease x x x
Quality of life SF-36 score x x x
EQ-5D x x x
Biological data blood Blood count x x x
Creatinine level x x x
Calcemia x x x
LDH level x x x
Albuminemia x x x
Monoclonal protein amount x x x
urine Monoclonal protein amount x x x
Albuminuria x x x
Bone marrow Flow cytometry x   x
Cytogenetic {t(11;14), t(4;14), del17p, 1p deletion, 1q gain}. x   x
x   x
Imaging Standard radiography x   x
CT scan x   x
MRI scan x   x
PET scan x   x
Therapy Previous lines x   x
Best response to therapy x x x
Duration of response x x x
Biocollection BM tumor cells x   x
Blood tumor cells x   x
  1. Legend: SF-36 study short form, EQ-5D EuroQOL five dimensions survey, LDH lactate dehydrogenase, ISS international scoring system, R-ISS revised-international scoring system, CT computed tomography, MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging, PET positon emission tomography, BM bone marrow