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Fig. 2

From: Clinical correlation of opposing molecular signatures in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Fig. 2

Validation of the 6 markers on 100 HNSCC patients with paired tumour core and margin tissue samples. a, The relative mRNA expression levels of each of the 6 markers were measured using RT-qPCR against two reference genes (YAP1 and POLR2A). Differential expression ratios (q6 values) were derived from Log2 Ratio of 3 upregulated markers (PLAU, FN1 and CDCA5) against 3 downregulated markers (CRNN, CLECB and DUOX1). Majority of HNSCC patients showed positive q6 values (indicating the expected expression pattern, as shown in panel b) whilst ~ 20% patients showed negative q6 values indicating an inversed expression patterns (as shown in panel c). d, Statistical analyses of sociodemographic and clinicopathological findings comparing +q6 and -q6 groups

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