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Fig. 4

From: Lipid accumulation impairs natural killer cell cytotoxicity and tumor control in the postoperative period

Fig. 4

Lipid-laden NK cells are impaired in their ability to lyse tumors. a-c The ability of purified SR+/BODIPY+ vs. SR/BODIPY NK cells, both sorted subsets from surgery-treated mice to kill Yac-1 target cells was tested by 51Cr- release assay. The data are displayed as the mean percent (+/− SD) of chromium release from triplicate wells for the indicated effector:target (E:T) ratios. (***, p < 0.0001 comparing SR+/BODIPY+ to SR/BODIPY surgery-treated NK cells). Data are representative of three similar experiments. d Depicts adoptive transfer experimental timeline. e Quantification of lung tumor burden at 3d from NK-deficient (IL2γR-KO) mice receiving adoptively transferred 5 × 106 purified NK cells from surgically stressed and control mice, followed with 3 × 105 B16lacZ tumor 1 h post immune cell transfer. Pooled data are displayed from three similar experiments. Treatment groups differed significantly as shown, p values are shown (n.s., no significance)

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