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Fig. 2

From: Lipid accumulation impairs natural killer cell cytotoxicity and tumor control in the postoperative period

Fig. 2

Scavenger receptors are upregulated on NK cells after surgery. a Percentile ranking of gene expression for phagocytosis receptors induced by surgery. b Fold induction of scavenger receptor expression following surgical stress. Microarray and qPCR were performed on separate runs using identical NK isolation procedure. Both analyses used mRNA pooled from the spleen from 20 untreated or 25 surgery treated mice. Splenic single cell suspensions from untreated and surgery-treated mice were prepared, counted, stained with (c) NK markers (NK1.1+, CD3) or (d) macrophage markers (F4/80+, CD11b+) or (e) cDC markers (CD11c+, mPDCA1) and scavenger receptor markers (Msr1, CD36 or CD68) and analyzed by flow cytometry. f Phagocytic capacity of purified NK cells from surgery treated and untreated B6-B16 mice cultured with fluorescently labeled palmitic fatty acids. Flow data are representative of at least three similar experiments where n = 4–6/group, p values as shown (n.s., no significance)

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