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Table 2 RNA Mutations conserved between primary tumor and brain metastasis

From: SMARC-B1 deficient sinonasal carcinoma metastasis to the brain with next generation sequencing data: a case report of perineural invasion progressing to leptomeningeal invasion

Chromosome Coordinates (hg19) Gene Substitution SNP
Chr1 16,258,505 SPEN G*/A rs201755572
Chr6 29,911,457 HLA-A G*/GT rs140855897
Chr8 128,750,408 MYC T*/C rs530751752
Chr9 98,240,342 PTCH1 G*/T rs537871675
Chr10 123,298,158 FGFR2 T*/C rs1047100
Chr15 88,576,185 NTRK3 G*/C rs2229910
Chr22 23,523,630 BCR C*/A rs5751602
  1. Chr chromosome, hg 19 Homo sapiens (human) genome assembly GRCh37, A adenine; G: guanine, C cytosine, T thymine * indicates exchange of that nucleotide