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Table 3 Pathway analysis of differentially expressed proteins for each subtype of thymoma

From: Using proteomic profiling to characterize protein signatures of different thymoma subtypes

Canonical Pathwaya -log(P-value) b Ratioc
Subtype AB
 Acute Phase Response Signaling 6.96 0.05
 Complement System 3.18 0.08
 Apoptosis Signaling 3.07 0.04
 Triacylglycerol Degradation 3.05 0.08
 Granzyme B Signaling 2.59 0.13
Subtype B2
 LXR/RXR Activation 8.06 0.07
 FXR/RXR Activation 6.71 0.06
 Atherosclerosis Signaling 5.57 0.06
 Production of Nitric Oxide and Reactive Oxygen Species in Macrophages 4.31 0.04
 IL-12 Signaling and Production in Macrophages 4.10 0.04
Subtype B3
 Acute Phase Response Signaling 12.00 0.08
 Complement System 7.83 0.17
 Coagulation System 4.69 0.11
 LXR/RXR Activation 4.68 0.05
 FXR/RXR Activation 4.60 0.05
  1. a Canonical pathway analysis was conducted by the Ingenuity® Pathway Analysis (IPA) program and analyzed based on the Ingenuity® Knowledge Base (Content version: 39480507; Release date: 2017-09-14)
  2. b Fisher’s exact test was used to determine the enrichment of differentially expressed proteins in a given canonical pathway
  3. c Ratio represents the number of differentially expressed proteins in the pathway divided by the total number of proteins in the same pathway