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Table 1 Strongly differentially expressed lncRNAs in HNSCC tissues according to data published by Zou et al. [9]

From: Upregulation of the long non-coding RNA CASC9 as a biomarker for squamous cell carcinoma

Gene name
UCSC genome browser
Chromosomal localisation Size in bp Alternative name Neighbouring coding genes lncRNA type Expression in HNSCC tissues
ENSG00000233850.1 2q11.1 478 LNC-MRPS5–2 MAL antisense reduced
ENSG00000244128 3q26.1 563 LINC01322 SLITRK3 divergent increased
ENSG00000248240.1 5p12 572 Lnc-NNT2 C5orf34 divergent increased
ENSG00000152931 5q12.1 2316 PART1 PDE4D antisense reduced
ENSG00000249082 5q31.1 477 LOC340074 PITX1 intragenic reduced
ENSG00000228789 6p21.33 1980 HCG 22 MUC22 intragenic reduced
ENSG00000223485 6q27 647 LINC01615 THBS2 intragenic increased
ENSG00000253187.2 7p15.2 1129 HOXA-AS4 HOXA10 antisense increased
ENSG00000249395 8q21.11 1164 CASC9 HNF4G intragenic increased
ENSG00000235884.2 12p11.21 1645 LINC00941 CAPRIN2 intragenic increased
ENSG00000244306 14q11.2 4264 LINC00516 POTEM intragenic increased
ENSG00000225210.4 14q11.2 4119 LINC01296 POTEM intragenic increased
ENSG00000258661.1 14q13.3 2613 NKX2–1-AS1 NKX2–1 antisense reduced
ENSG00000184324.11 Xq28 847 b CSAG3 MAGE-A2 intragenic increased
  1. CASC9 is bold printed as the main candidate investigated in this study and was identified by both data mining approaches