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Table 2 Cases of gingival metastasis by hepatocellular carcinoma with survival data in reviewed literatures

From: Gingival metastasis from primary hepatocellular carcinoma: a case report and literature review of 30 cases

Case Number Reference Gender Age Gingival neoplasm as first sign Metastasis besides gingiva Lesion location on gingiva Major lesion manifestation Preexisting Hepatopathy Differentiation Grade Primary tumor therapy Giginval tumor therapy Truncated/Overall survival
18 Kuo, 2006 Male 57 Yes Brain, Lung Right Upper Rapid enlarging Post hepatitis B cirrhosis Moderate None Resection 11/1 months
19 Rai, 2009 Male 82 Yes None Left Lower Rapid enlarging None Poor ND ND ND
20 Huang, 2009 Male 60 Yes Right anterior chest wall Right upper Rapid enlarging ND Moderate ND ND ND
21 Inaba, 2011 Male 80 No Lungs Right Lower Uncontrolled Bleeding Post hepatitis C cirrhosis Poor TAE TAE 92/1 months
22 Poojary, 2011 Male 70 Yes Lungs, Adrenal glands, Thoracic vertebra Right Lower Rapid enlarging ND Moderate Palliative treatment Palliative treatment ND
23 Terada, 2011 Male 55 Yes None Upper Left Bleeding Post hepatitis C cirrhosis High Chemotherapy Chemotherapy ND
24 Greenstein, 2013 Male 68 No Lungs Central Upper Continuous bleeding Post hepatitis B cirrhosis Moderate Chemotherapy Resection ND
25 Gentile, 2013 Male 80 No Lungs, Penis Right Lower Bleeding ND Moderate Partial hepatectomy, Radiofrequency ablation, Chemotherapy None 26/3 months
26 Chen, 2014 Male 58 No Lungs, Renal Right Upper to Left lateral Rapid enlarging, Occasional bleeding ND Moderate Partial hepatectomy, Chemotherapy Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy ND
27 Gong, 2015 Male 43 No ND Right Upper ND ND Moderate None Resection > 24/> 12 months
28 Kwon, 2016 Male 50 Yes ND Left Upper Rapid enlarging, Bleeding, Pain Post hepatitis B cirrhosis Undifferentiation None None 2/1 weeks
29 Xue, 2017 Male 60 No Lungs, Brain Right Upper Pain Post hepatitis B cirrhosis Poor Chemotherapy, Sorafenib, TACE Resection 13/2 months
30 Present case Male 87 No Lungs Left Upper Bleeding Post hepatitis B cirrhosis Moderate None None 3/2 months
  1. ND not described, LN lymph node, TACE transarterial chemoembolization, TAE transcatheter arterial embolization.
  2. Truncated survival, the period from onset of gingival metastasis to death