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Table 1 Cases of gingival metastasis by hepatocellular carcinoma with survival data in reviewed literatures

From: Gingival metastasis from primary hepatocellular carcinoma: a case report and literature review of 30 cases

Case Number Source Gender Age Gingival neoplasm as first sign Metastasis besides gingiva Lesion location on gingiva Major lesion manifestation Preexisting Hepatopathy Differentiation Grade Primary tumor therapy Giginval tumor therapy Truncated/Overall survival
1 Lapeyrolerie, 1964 Male 56 Yes Lungs, Pancreas, Adrenal, LNs Upper Ulceration ND Poor ND ND 2/2 months
2 Radden, 1966 Male 51 Yes Lung, LNs, Skin, Peritoneum Left Upper Swelling Alcoholic cirrhosis Undifferentiation None Resection 2/2 months
3 Lund, 1970 Male 52 No Lungs Lower ND ND High Hepatectomy Resection 39/15 months
4 Kuga, 1976 Male 65 No None Left Upper Bleeding None Poor None Resection 1/1 month
5 Wedgwood, 1979 Male 56 No None Right Upper Bleeding Alcoholic cirrhosis Moderate None Resection 6/1 months
6 Morishita, 1984 Male 64 No Lungs, Adrenals, LNs Central Upper Bleeding Liver cirrhosis Moderate TACE Resection 22/1 months
7 Kanazawa, 1989 Female 78 Yes Skull, Lumbar vertebrae Right Upper Bleeding Post-hepatitis cirrhosis Moderate None Resection 4/4 months
8 Llanes, 1996 Male 66 Yes None Lower Ulceration, Bleeding None Moderate None Resection 5/5 months
9 English, 2000 Male 44 No Nasal cavity, Bone Left Upper Swelling Post hepatitis C cirrhosis, Liver transplant ND Chemotherapy Chemotherapy > 24/> 3 months
10 Maiorano, 2000 Male 70 Yes Lungs, Brain Lower Slow enlarging None Moderate TACE Resection 8/8 months
11 Papa, 2001 Male 55 No Manaible anailiac bones, Ribs, Scapule, Pleura, Brain Lower Uncontrolled Bleeding Post hepatitis C cirrhosis Moderate Liver tumor alcoholization, TACE Segmental resection of left mandible > 92/> 8 months
12 Choi, 2002 Male 59 No Lungs Left Upper Ulceration, Bleeding None Moderate Partial hepatectomy, TACE Resection 2/2 months
13 Ramirez, 2003 Male 65 No None Central Upper Bleeding Alcoholic cirrhosis Moderate Chemotherapy Resection 15/8 months
14 Rim, 2003 Female 70 No None Central Lower Easy bleeding Post hepatitis B cirrhosis Moderate TAE Resection > 7/> 7 months
15 Pires, 2004 Male 60 No Lung, Skin of multiple sites Central-Left Lower Ulceration Post hepatitis B cirrhosis Moderate Partial hepatectomy, TACE Partial resection 38/6 months
16 Arai, 2004 Female 72 No Cardiac muscle, Abdominal LN Central Upper Rapid enlarging, Bleeding Post hepatitis C cirrhosis Moderate TACE Radiotherapy 10/1 months
17 Elkhoury, 2004 Female 44 Yes Left cervical LN, Small bowel, Submental Right and Left lower Occasional bleeding ND Undifferentiation Palliative care Palliative care 5/5 months
  1. ND not described, LN lymph node, TACE transarterial chemoembolization, TAE transcatheter arterial embolization.
  2. Truncated survival, the period from onset of gingival metastasis to death