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Table 4 Results of a Cox proportional hazard model to identify the significant variables of disease-free survival

From: Monthly tegafur–uracil maintenance for increasing relapse-free survival in ypStage III rectal cancer patients after preoperative radiotherapy, radical resection, and 12 postoperative chemotherapy cycles: a retrospective study

Variable 3-Year Relapse-Free Survival (%) 3-Year Relapse-Free Survival Analysis
P value HR (95% CI)
Tumor Location
 (< 6 vs. ≥6 cm) 64.3% vs. 86.9% 0.001 4.944 (1.922–12.721)
 (≥0.3 vs. < 0.3) 63.1% vs. 85.4% 0.024 2.662 (1.136–6.236)
UFUR maintenance
 With vs. Without 85.1% vs. 67.5% 0.024 0.371 (0.157–0.880)
  1. Age (< 65 vs. ≥65 years), Sex (male vs. female), CEA (≥5 vs. < 5 ng/mL), ypTNM (T and N stage), Histologic Grade (Moderate & Well vs. Poor),BMI (underweight, normal and overweight),Histologic Type (Adenocarcinoma, Mucinous adenocarcinoma and Signet ring cell) and regimen of adjuvant chemotherapy (5FU or FOLFOX) were variables without significant P-value in forward stepwise regression
  2. UFUR tegafur-uracil, LNR the ratio of metastatic lymph nodes to the total examined nodes number