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Fig. 2

From: Parkin gene mutations are not common, but its epigenetic inactivation is a frequent event and predicts poor survival in advanced breast cancer patients

Fig. 2

Representation of Parkin (PARK-2) somatic mutations. a Illustration of Parkin 2D structure showing different domains (b) a ribbon representation of the Parkin conformation highlighting somatically mutated residues taken from PyMOL (version Edu.) c Gel pictures of SSCP showing band shift, N-Normal Adjacent tissue, C-Cancerous tissue. d Sequencing histogram of Exon 2 with transition A → G at nucleotide position 235 leading to the conversion of glutamine (Q) to arginine (R) at codon 34 & (e) Exon 4 showing transition G → A at nucleotide position 634 leading to the conversion of Serine (S) to asparagine (N) at codon 167

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